Sushil Saini
Owner’s Representative Director, Finance
Mrs. Saini is our guiding force and looks after the financial interests at our headquarters in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Rahul Saini
Managing Director
Mr. Rahul Saini has a MBA from UW-Madison (USA) and a MS in Mechanical Engineering from Syracuse University (USA)& currently basedin Chicago at our US offices.


Nikhil Saini
Mr. Nikhil Saini is a Mechanical Engineer and has a MS in Logistics& Supply Chain Mgt. from University of South Australia. Currently, he is on site overall in-charge.


Miki Tachibana
Director, Overseas Business
Ms. Miki Tachibana is located at Fukuyama (Japan) and managing our Japanesebusiness interests. She loves Indian culture and has over 25 years long relationship with India.


Richa Chauhan
Executive Director
Mrs. Richa Chauhan has a MS in Applied Economics from University of Illinois (USA) and currently locatedin Chicago at our US offices.


Cheena Kaushal
Executive Director
Mrs. Cheena Kaushal has a M.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering and currently heading the design department.